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We deeply appreciate your interest in Bitjockey, your premier platform for online radio show setup. Bitjockey was meticulously developed with the end-user in mind, and our goal is to revolutionize the broadcasting process, making it more streamlined and accessible. Your enthusiasm affirms our commitment to this goal and serves as a motivating factor in our continuous drive to improve.

Suggestions & Technical Support

For any suggestions for amendments to the platform or technical support, please contact us at We will respond to your message as soon as possible.

Registration & Show Management

Currently, Bitjockey does not permit open registration or show manipulation on behalf of the user. In order to register for a new show or manage the details of an existing show, reach out to


Bitjockey firmly upholds intellectual property rights. DJs may upload music they've legally purchased and own by contacting us at However, this process requires indisputable proof of purchase.

Note: We hold a strict anti-piracy policy. If a submission lacks valid proof, or is suspected or proven to contain pirated material, the consequences will be significant. Violation of this policy may lead to immediate account termination and loss of platform access. We urge users to only upload legally obtained music, maintaining a respectful and lawful broadcasting environment in compliance with the Federal Communications Commission's guidelines.

General Inquiries

For any general inquiries, such as media requests and other information regarding the platform not pertaining to technical issues or suggestions, please contact

Bitjockey is a radio automation platform that delivers over 30 thousand licensed songs to the online radio community. It is currently a proprietary service of KANM Student Radio, and is, at the moment, only available to KANM DJs.

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